Thathwamasi , the exhibition on threats and beauty of  Periyar Tiger Reserve organised by India International Center Annexe  was inaugurated by Shri.Suresh Gopi at 6.30 pm , 19th June 2014. In his inaugural address , the renowned Malayalam Actor  had given the assurance that he shall inform Shri.Narendra Modi about the dire situation Sabarimala and Periyar Tiger Reserve is suffering from.   We remain thankful to our Sponsors, supporters and well wishers , with out whose invaluable support and help, this exhibition would not have been a reality. This exhibition is the culmination of all the hard work and pain Mr.Jayan had endured  in the past three years .

Exhibition in Delhi will be held till 26th June 2014. Shakespeare said, “ A touch of Nature makes the whole world Your kin”. But, the Arsha Sankriti of Bharat have been practicing  “ Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam” thousands of years before the English playwright was even born.  So, I am again humbly requesting You to visit the Exhibition at India International Center Annexe and do your part in conserving Lord Ayyappan’s Poonkavanam ( Garden) with its Purity, Sanctity and Naturality

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