Renowned Photographer Anand Sharan doing the inaugural honours along with Mr. T N A Perumal

Renowned Photographer Anand Sharan doing the inaugural honours along with Mr. T N A Perumal

“THATHWAMASI” photography exhibition that echoes woes of the Mother Earth, being held in “BELAKU” gallery, Rangoli Metro Art Center was inaugurated by renowned photographer Anand Sharan and Mr T.N.A Perumal on the 21st Nov’14. The photographs not only exemplify the beauty and peace at the Periyar Tiger Reserve and Sabarimala but also showcase the damages caused to the same by Pilgrims. The inauguration also marked the presence of Mr Jayaprakash, who is the all India general secretary for the Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam.

The inauguration function saw a sound response and the presence of many eminent personalities lightened the same. The function also instigated the awareness for the damages caused at the Periyar Tiger reserve and Pampa river.

The photographs have been captured by renowned photo journalist and photographer N P Jayan. This exhibition is an initiative by well-known Malayalam actor Suresh Gopi and is organized by Honeycomb Creative Support (P) Ltd, Bengaluru.

During the inauguration, Mr T.N.A Perumal applauded the works of Mr Jayan. He says he was mesmerized to see the beautiful captures by him and also felt sad learning about the destruction caused at Sabarimala. Photographs sure do speak louder than words. He also mentioned such awareness is necessary so that it can be corrected before anything serious happens.

Mr. Anand Sharan also supported on the words of Mr T.N.A Perumal and said he was impressed with the works of Mr Jayan. He also said he is ready to lend him any kind of help in terms of Photography.

This is the second edition in Bengaluru at Belaku Gallery, M G Road Boulevard. The exhibition of the photographs will be held from November 21 – 23 between 11 AM to 7:30 PM on all three days. The photographs will also be put for sale at the exhibition for a cause that emphasizes on the betterment of the surroundings at Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Mr. N.P.Jayan has been photographing this area over the past three years to cover the beauty as well as the natural destruction that has occurred here as the side-effects of pilgrimage. The collection of photographs, progressing from beauty to devastation, forces one to ponder over ones own deeds of annihilation in the name of faith. The photographs expose the ailing forests and the increasing level of pollution caused by pilgrim tourism.

Our endeavor is to create awareness among the present generation through our exhibitions, thereby help prevent further damage and save the Periyar Tiger Reserve and holy River Pamba. The exhibition is the fourth in the series. The previous exhibitions were held at India International Centre in New Delhi, Bombay Natural History Society in Mumbai and Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat in Bengaluru.

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