gopiShri.Suresh Gopi is not just a representative of the Malayalam film industry but a person who has changed the interest of movie lovers. Other than
presenting the myriad faces of humanesque countenance Suresh Gopi has recently become a patron of organic farming and Nature Conservation. Not many people know the fact that Shri.Suresh Gopi as a college student had actively participated  in the Silent Valley movement, almost 3 decade back, which eventually resulted in declaring Silent Valley as a National Park.

It gives me great pleasure to present him as the Chief Patron of the exhibition ‘Thathwamasi’, organized by India International Center-New Delhi from 19th to 26th of June 2014. He has been the propelling force behind the exhibition.His keenness of vision and his devotion to throwing the spotlight on the need to conserve the Periyar Tiger Reserve and the Sabarimala forests gives an impetus of strength and solidarity for a cause that goes far beyond the tenets of mere exploitation of India’s natural resources. I am indebted to Shri. Suresh Gopi for his precious and priceless contributions towards making ‘Thathwamasi’ a reality.

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