By: P K Uthaman 
P.K .Uthaman is a renowned ornithologist and hardcore Nature lover based in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

Silent valley is unique in many ways. It is one of the first forests in the world that was saved from the frenzy of dam-building indulged in by man. Since then it has been a symbol of all the valleys on earth whose silence is being shattered by chain saws and bulldozers.

Silent valley was a revolution. The agitation was not merely against the coming up of a dam. It was the birth pangs of a big question: “In which way should we navigate our canoe, which is heading fast towards Niagara?”

Silent Valley is one of the finest expressions of over four billion years of evolution. Silent valley in the post war period attracted many nature enthusiasts. N P Jayan was one among them who fell in love with the forest. It appeared in myriad forms such as elephants and frogs, macaques and whistling thrushes, tree ferns and orchids, mist and rain before Jayan who went to stay in Silent Valley for a whole year, equipped only with his camera.

Silent Valley remains a mystery even when after a long series of explorations by naturalists. New species and genuses of flora and fauna having appellation in the silent valley are emerging almost daily. As the great photojournalist K Jayaram puts it, one can only stretch one’s neck to have an ant’s eye view of life bubbling over the canopy of towering trees that reach out for the clouds. Jayan’s is one such view showing us many hitherto unseen moods of Mother Nature.

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